Simplicol - Textil Echtfarbe
• black
• #1511
• 30-95°C Temperature
• 600g - 1800g Textiles
• use 600g washing = full color (for max.6-8 Shirts)
• more shirts are not recommend !!!

Simplicol - Färbesalz
using salt gives the best color result
using is recommend !!!

Dyeing Info for the washing machine
Dyeing in the washing machine is recommend. In this case you have no big mess, and the machine gets no damages.

1. Filling
Max. 6-8 Shirts, turn them on left. Then add the Fixing Powder and the Dyeing Salt to the Shirts. Than close the Machine

2. Settings and Start
Shirts should be dyeing warmer/heater than a normal washing. In reneral I wash my shirts with 40°C, and for dyeing I use the 60°C delicates washing Setup. Do NOT use a prewash Setup !!!
Now you can start the Machine

3. Add the Dyeing Color
If the Shirts are wet enought (after 5min.) fill the color into the slot for liquid detergent. After that use a canister with water (1/2 Liter) and fill it also into the slot, to clean the rest of the colore. You can also use a rag to clean up the slot. Be careful and don't get into touch with your skin and clotings.
Now you have to wait untill your washing program is done.


4. Programmdurchlauf und Nachwäsche
When the dyeing is done, you have to start a normal washing program (40°C). In this Case you can add more black shirts to the machien and setup a normal washing program. This second washing is important cause it makes a better color fixation. After the washing you can hang-up the shirts and let them dry.


Here you can see a shirt which I photograph before and after dyeing. In this case you can see very good what great result you get after dyeing. You get a better contrast between the shirt and the Print. And the Shirt looks darker and younger.

Maybe someone of you think that this shirt dyieng is not good for the shirt, for the print and for the machine. But I can tell you after dyeing 60-70 Shirts, I never had any Problems with the Shirts, Prints ot the Machine. Only the washing tags on the shirt gets sometimes purpel. But the Print NEVER got any negative result !!!!!!